Writer’s Block

Some days it’s not so easy to write
The ideas they just won’t flow.
My mind it certainly wanders
But seems to have no place to go.

The door to the channel won’t open;
The windows too seem to be closed.
The key has been lost for the moment
While I’m sitting here searching for prose.

Abandoned by the amusing;
Rejected by what might inspire;
I’m feeling run down and dejected
As the synapses seem to misfire.

But then, it’s only this moment.
There are so many others ahead
When I will, no doubt, be inspired
To write something brilliant instead.


It’s all a part of the process, this thing called “writer’s block.” It’s a nuisance; it’s frustrating … and it’s an absolutely necessary part of the creative process. As annoying as it may seem, writer’s block actually gives our creative muscles an opportunity to rest.

Think about it … a blockage implies a back up. In this case of words and ideas which cannot filter through to the page because they’re clogged up in the mind somewhere trying to push their way past each other into consciousness. Getting worked up about this achieves nothing — it only makes the blockage more impregnable. Time and patience are the solvents needed to dissolve this dam of creative frustration.

While you’re waiting,  enjoy the forced “holiday” from writing and consider it an opportunity to set the table for a fiesta of creativity to follow.



Copyright Aimwell Enterprises 2011

Set yourself up for success … renovate your life!

To me the promise of the new year is only as good as the promises we make to ourselves … and keep.

Like many people I’ve always had good intentions of following through on every single promise/resolution I’ve ever made to myself. These have included everything from losing weight, to getting fit, to eating better, to reading more, to … well, you get the picture. And we all know what happens to good intentions.

Thankfully, experience has taught me to accept that “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” As a result, and because I’m tired of being in a position where I’m constantly disappointing myself, my approach to making resolutions has changed.

Now instead of making resolutions, which are frequently just quick fixes with no longevity, I’m doing something more permanent … making renovations!

This requires a more engaged mindset and the kind of commitment that encourages a “going with the flow” approach … and it seems to work better for me.

With self-renovation the process of change is more ongoing and manageable. If there is a glitch, I can take stock and try again without feeling like I’ve failed. I just need to try differently. And I can’t just quit in the middle — who wants to live in a partially renovated house?

And taking this approach, I am more inclined to seek the help I need to get the job done properly.

Look at it this way … I am the owner of my life and thus the contractor for services. For renovating my body I have hired a good chiropractor (tweaks every two weeks); massage therapist and naturopath (tune ups every six weeks or so). As well, I train in Shotokan Karate two to three times per week (which actually offers a mind/body/spirit alignment, with the goal of “Black Belt” always in the back of my mind), and I tend to my horse every day (another mind/body/spirit activity, with the goal of building consistency as I develop my skills in classical dressage.)

For further renovation of mind and spirit I work with a terrific dressage trainer, travel to far off places to invite a different perspective, employ the services of a fabulous counselor, meditate, veil paint, write and read good books.

This is a life-time commitment with room for additions and changes as the reno evolves. Within each of these areas I have specific goals that can only be achieved by consistently engaging in ongoing renovation, which includes the aforementioned as well as eating well, getting enough sleep and spending fun, quality time with family and friends ( … all work and no play makes Dorothy pretty dull.)

Yes, it’s work — hard work, but it’s worth every effort and is very rewarding! With self-renovation positive outcomes are achievable daily. These little successes paper the walls and open the doors to long-term larger successes. It’s so win-win!

So, with the new year unfolding consider how you might set yourself up for success by renovating your life.

Have fun!

Happy New Year!