#FWF: Free Write Friday: Image Prompt

This week Kellie Ellmore’s Free Write Friday Challenge asks us to be inspired by this image prompt.

After this contribution I’ll be taking a couple of weeks off to focus on my wedding and family.

See you soon … and enjoy!

Dorothy 🙂


Source: Tumblr

Yet …
It doesn’t exist yet
Except in my heart
A place I hold dear
But have not as yet
Met. My dream;
My desire awaits
As everything unfolds
As it should.
Question not the time,
Nor place, just feel it
And the wholeness
It brings when
Finally it appears before
Me. Rejoice in the fullness
Of Spirit manifested
As we recognize each
Other and at last I
“I’m home.”
Copyright Aimwell CreativeWorks 2013

#FWF Free Write Friday: Word Bank …

Welcome to another #Free Write Friday exercise from Kellie Elmore.

This time Kellie provided a bank of words. We could either integrate all into our free writing or select one and work with it.

Lazy … rain … perspective … glint … sombre … trinket … static

I enjoyed the challenge of using them all. 🙂

And I will be honest … I edited a little at the end, but the essence is pure FWF. 😉

Happy reading!


RainPenelope was feeling lazy. A glimpse at her old alarm clock (you know the kind — brass with hands that point at numbers and an alarm bell stationed on top) told her it had just turned 8:45 a.m.. She yawned and stretched and sank her head deeper into the down pillow beneath it, and closed her eyes. Penelope loved the sound of the rain against the window pane, a sound which always seemed amplified when she stared into her eyelids. She wasn’t particularly fond of the grey-coloured sky. How could the steady sound of cleansing rain feel so soothing while the dark, ominous clouds from which it descended weigh so claustrophobic? She sighed. It was all a matter of perspective, of course. Some people hated everything about rain but she, somehow, was able to see the bright side of it. Rain quenched the thirst of flowers, and flowers were beautiful. Besides, a break in the deluge and a gap in the clouds always offered a glint of hope for sunnier times to come. Flowers needed sun too. It was a balance. There had to be balance. Too much or too little of anything led to heartache. Heartache led to a sombre outlook on life. Penelope could never tolerate such a state. She opened her eyes and reached to feel her favourite Labradorite pendant attached to a silver chain around her neck. It was more a charm than a trinket, for it reminded her that though the perspective of her life might shift depending on the play of light and shadow, her essence, like the shimmering layers of this beautiful irridescent stone she loved, remained constant, but never static. There was a difference.



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Dorothy 🙂


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#FWF: Free Write Friday ~ The Illusion

This week’s Free Write Friday exercise from Kellie Elmore asks us to use this image as a prompt.

Here we go …

birds #FWF

But for tethered wings, I could fly.

But for a caged spirit, I could soar.


Sever the strings that bind me

To the Earth!

Unlock the door that imprisons

My weary soul! ~

Awaken me from the illusion

That I need more than I am

To soar.


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Dorothy 🙂


Copyright Aimwell CreativeWorks 2013

#FWF Free Write Friday: Baggage Claim …


Another submission to Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday. This week the subject is “Baggage Claim.”

I’m enjoying this opportunity to do some free thinking based on a prompt. Sometimes I find it difficult to express myself — like there’s still some kind of  blockage in the frequency between the expression of my heart and my mind, the critic.

Still, with every word I write I know the air waves are clearing. I can hardly wait to write in Dolby! 🙂

Herewith my take on Baggage Claim.



Around and around the carousel of my life you

Spun my head in a million different

Ways I could not fathom until I finally

Took courage and claimed you.

What then?

But to open you, of course, and watch

With, tortured amusement, your

Contents spill over in an untidy

Mind-boggling mess.

Where would I start?

How to sort through the dirty

Raiment of my past without

Feeling overwhelmed by the

Volume of it all?

Did this really happen to me?

Did that really colour every decision,

Every relationship?

Soiled and rendered useless I

Toss you to the laundry pile and,

As time passes, cleanse you from

My soul. For, I shall not carry your

Burden any longer.

Be gone.

I shall not seek you

In Lost Luggage.


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Dorothy 🙂


Copyright Aimwell CreativeWorks 2013

Free Write Friday: It was a dark and stormy night …

This is my first attempt at Kellie Ellmore’s Free Write Friday exercise.

Anything could happen.

No editing.

Here goes …

Stormy Night

It was a dark and stormy night. So I made chicken soup. Warm. Comforting. Soothinng. The sting of the darkness tempered by the comforts of broth. Easing my mind. Consoling my body. A flash of lightning. A burst of rain. Then falling down my window pane. Torrential, as the soup floods my rumbling stomach the waters soak the dry earth. Refreshed; revitalized; repaired. Another crash of thunder and my black cat stretches and yawns. Such a bore, the storm, he purrs. He seeks out his fluffy mouse and bats it mercilessly across the tile floor. A flash illuminates. The mouse is launched. The cat lunges. I laugh. The storm a backdrop, not a player. A game changer? A wake-up call? Isn’t that what the storms of life teach us? Get our attention? Wake-up! Wake-up lest you drown in a flood of your own tears …


Thanks for your indulgence …

Dorothy 🙂


Copyright Aimwell CreativeWorks 2013