Writer’s Block

Some days it’s not so easy to write
The ideas they just won’t flow.
My mind it certainly wanders
But seems to have no place to go.

The door to the channel won’t open;
The windows too seem to be closed.
The key has been lost for the moment
While I’m sitting here searching for prose.

Abandoned by the amusing;
Rejected by what might inspire;
I’m feeling run down and dejected
As the synapses seem to misfire.

But then, it’s only this moment.
There are so many others ahead
When I will, no doubt, be inspired
To write something brilliant instead.


It’s all a part of the process, this thing called “writer’s block.” It’s a nuisance; it’s frustrating … and it’s an absolutely necessary part of the creative process. As annoying as it may seem, writer’s block actually gives our creative muscles an opportunity to rest.

Think about it … a blockage implies a back up. In this case of words and ideas which cannot filter through to the page because they’re clogged up in the mind somewhere trying to push their way past each other into consciousness. Getting worked up about this achieves nothing — it only makes the blockage more impregnable. Time and patience are the solvents needed to dissolve this dam of creative frustration.

While you’re waiting,  enjoy the forced “holiday” from writing and consider it an opportunity to set the table for a fiesta of creativity to follow.



Copyright Aimwell Enterprises 2011