The Art of Veil Painting … Sky Rider

Every veil painting is open to interpretation, of course.

When I meditate on this painting I see a dressage horse with its rider doing a collected trot on a cloud in an otherwise clear sky. I see motion.

And you? Tell me, if you wish … what does this image speak of to you?

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Dorothy 🙂


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The Art of Veil Painting … Elephantine

Here is another veil painting presented for reflection and interpretation.

I call my collection of veil paintings “Whispers” because they speak in hushed voices only to be heard during quiet moments of reflection.

What does this painting whisper to you? Feel free to share.


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Dorothy 🙂

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Cosmic Blip

We all have our place in the cosmos. And be assured … it is significant …

Cosmic Blip

As I change and

Rearrange my life

It seems to me,

That there is

Really no one

Else I would

Rather be.

Okay, life isn’t

Perfect; my trials

Have been tough,

But they have

Made me who

I am, and


That’s enough.

I’ve seen my


Yet I know that

I can grow. The

Sky perchance

The limit, and so

To the stars

I go. The sun

Shines boldly

As I soar, my

Heart begins

To race, but

Not from fear

Of what’s

Gone by, no

Forward to

The chase! Dear

Venus wraps

Her arms around

Me, showers me

With love, and

Mars his sword

Tips to the

Earth as peaceful

As the dove. And

To the stars I

Further fly,

And Earth

Becomes so

Small I realize

My presence is

A blip on

Cosmic wall.


Thanks for visiting …

Dorothy 🙂

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Sit Still

I sit.

Healing requires it.

I sit





I sit.




This is really random. Hot off the grey matter press this morning.

I have spent a lot of the past few months sitting still. Healing.

I was a restless child. My mother never understood why.

But we know the truth now. With this awareness I can sit. Still.

At least … I’m practicing.


Can you sit still?

Be well …

Dorothy 🙂

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The Art of Veil Painting … Spirit of Australia

The Universe is full of mystery. I marvel at how connected we all are and how this manifests in so many different ways.

This became a very real concept for me a few years ago while meditating this painting into being.

I was almost ready to put the paint brush down for good on this one when I stood back  to contemplate what might be emerging. And there it was …  the incredibly clear outline of a kangaroo that appeared to have literally just jumped into the painting. (Perhaps you can see him.) And then behind him the faint outline of his keeper standing about his shoulder somewhat off in the distance.

Remember, in the art of veil painting there is no pre-determined destination. It’s all about being in the moment and allowing the washes of paint to work their magic over time, so when I saw this it simply floored me.

Getting back to the Universe and connection … the interesting thing about this painting is that it was completed the day before Lloyd’s daughter returned home from Australia where she’d been working as an intern at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo. That’s why this painting is called “Spirit of Australia.”

And the reason this painting comes to mind today is that C arrived yesterday from Sydney, where she now works full-time in her dream job at the zoo as an exotic bird trainer, to spend a week introducing her Australian husband-to-be to family and friends before their nuptials in November.

I’m strongly considering giving the original of this painting to the happy couple as their wedding gift.

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Angel Song … The Healing Glory of Beautiful Music

Music has always been an important part of my life.

I grew up in a home filled with beautiful music. My mother, a classically trained singer and single-mother of two with a career based in England, brought home the bacon by performing and recording opera on the international stage. Her music life was bound to influence me and, most certainly, it has.

My own musical expression first found an outlet through choral singing, and culminated in a 12-season stint (and we had to re-audition every year) as a soprano in Canada’s oldest and most prestigious symphonic choral organization, the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir. With 180 voices it was, and still is, the country’s largest choir. Singing among its many accomplished amateur and professional singers, I revelled in being part of something so larger-than-life. Part of the mystique for me was the notion that we were all of such diverse backgrounds and yet could put our differences aside and come together to create incredibly embracing and beautiful sound. The glory of music joined us as one for an experience that was large and soul-restoring, not just for us but the audience who came to listen.

In fact, I’ll never forget the first down beat at the first rehearsal I attended. Elmer Iseler, an iconic character in Canadian choral music for decades and the choir’s resident conductor, led us in for the national anthem. The ensuing wall of sound overwhelmed me such that for a moment I couldn’t bring myself to sing. It was as if in that moment I was cleansed of my worldly cares and the shock of my new spiritual nakedness had left me breathless. Then reality set in as we set sail on the horrendously difficult Bach Magnificat. I had never seen, or sung, so many notes in my life!

During my years with the choir I had the privilege of singing Handel’s Messiah (more than 50 times,) Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, the Brahm’s Requiem, Walton’s Belshazzar’s Feast, Verdi’s Requiem, to name only a few.

We also performed myriad a cappella pieces. The purity of the human voice on its own in harmonic line and dissonance is, perhaps, the most sublime musical experience of all. Everything from Canadian R. Murray Schafer’s avant garde “Sun” to Henry Purcell’s reverent “Hear My Prayer, O Lord” to Morten Lauridsen’s mysterious “O Magnum Mysterium” launched my spirit to heights that can only be felt through experiencing the happy confluence of inspired composition, haunting vocal intonation and glorious sound. It is healing, perhaps, in a way nothing else can be.

All of which led me to write this poem.

Angel Song

Echo thou soft angelic song

Through hallowed halls

And wend thy wistful way

O’er hearts deep bruised

This mortal day.

Veil fresh-fallen tears

Of the world-sick soul

With heaven’s healing balm.

Salve the spirit, elixir of calm.


Though I left the choir in 2001 to pursue other musical interests, my love for choral music remains and finds release through attending Mendelssohn Choir concerts and listening to favoured choral recordings.

One of my favourite modern choral composers is American, Eric Whitacre.

In 2010, Whitacre undertook a unique project to form a 185-voice international virtual choir. The resultant recording of his luscious and moving “Lux Aurumque” was posted to YouTube and went viral.  As I listen and watch this musical cyber miracle it reminds me of all the magical hours I spent singing in one of the world’s great choirs and the unifying and healing force of great music.

In case you haven’t experienced Whitacre’s incredible virtual choir masterpiece I’ve added a link — click ” here.”

Yours in music …

Be well …


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