Still … again

Evidently, in spite of my best efforts, I have not been still enough. A month of family commitments and celebrations combined with my carefully managed every day activity finally caught up with me on Monday morning, and I was forcibly, and unpleasantly, incapacitated for 16 hours.

The image depicts my beautiful Oskar, who sadly left us last year, and reminds me to be still.

I turn to my old cats for lessons in stillness. Cats are very good at being still … for hours. When I sit in my chair in the evening, recovering from the day’s activities, my little black cat jumps into my lap, curls up and stays there … all evening … only moving if I dare to and then slotting herself back into her warm and rightful place once I have resettled myself.

I’ve had a winter of this, and while I feel I’ve turned a corner in my overall recovery from adrenal fatigue I can see that quiet evenings will continue for a while yet.

This poem reflects a similar previous posting. I don’t want this to be an ongoing theme but it is what it is for now.

I surrender …

Be well,

Dorothy 🙂


Still … again

“You do too much!”

You say to me.

Sweep my legs.

Render me gravely


For as long as

It takes.

In my chair

Forcibly grounded.



You win …


Copyright Aimwell Enterprises 2012

7 thoughts on “Still … again

  1. Sounds like your illness is a gift and needed message. I believe that we must all surrender to the stillness that allows us to go inward to that place of serenity. This awakening needs all of us to be centered and able to put out maximum loving energy. To do this, it is necessary to be in silence and stillness. Cats are definitely great guides. Let’s see if you can do this without needing to be forced to stillness. Bet you can! love you, hugs, pat

    • Hi Pat! Thanks for your comment. … The big picture tells me I am getting well. It’s been several months since all of this began and six weeks since my last episode and that came upon my return from a week in over seas. … At this time in my life my body can only handle so much stress and I am learning to respect that by slowing down and being still and saying “no” to the unnecessary. It’s quite the healing journey and for all that it can sometimes be unpleasant I’m glad I’m on it. The old self is so yesterday 😉 … Thanks for your loving words and support. Take care, Dorothy 🙂

      • Be kind to yourself and listen to that kitty. hugs, pat oh, and buy a hammock and learn to use it without feeling guilty. (that is the hard part. lol) love you, pat

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