The Art of Veil Painting … Cowboy Culture

Veil Painting: a meditative art form involving the painting of thin washes of water colour on a dry canvas, allowing the colours to dry between applications. There is no preconceived form in mind. Whatever appears, appears.


I have mentioned this art form in two previous blogs. The best way to look at the art is to stand back from it and observe with a soft eye.

This is a painting I completed a couple of years ago, and there’s so much going on here for me I hardly know where to begin. But then, it’s open to your own interpretation too.

Horses. A cowboy. Dogs. Big sky country. Heart. These are notions that pop into my mind when I study this image for a while. But then, I’m a country girl at heart and have always had a fondness for cowboy culture.

What are you seeing? I’d love to read your interpretations. Please feel free to share them with me …

Thanks for visiting …

Dorothy 🙂

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19 thoughts on “The Art of Veil Painting … Cowboy Culture

    • I am not familiar with acrylic paint, so I’m not sure if it would work. But you could try, I suppose. … Thin, thin washes starting with secondary colours, depth and highlights with primary colours. Stand back once in a while to take stock … it’s finished when it’s finished. Heck, maybe I need to make a video 😉 … Remember, it’s a mediation. … Good luck. Would love to see your attempt when it’s done. Be well and thanks for your comment … Dorothy 🙂

  1. Fascinating art form. I have been trying it and have not been able to get the softness that you have but I enjoy doing it. I have used art as a meditation for years. It is very powerful for me. I see a woman sitting in this picture (look at the top for her neck). I love the texture of the picture. Is this the canvas or did you do something to create the texture in the darker blues. Thanks for sharing this with us. I like it so much and had never heard of it before. Hugs, pat

    • Hi Pat! I do these paintings on 140 lb cold press canvas. Also, the depth of colour and texture is achieved by the layering of the paint over time. .. Hmmm, interesting about the woman. I’ll meditate on this for a little while and see if I can find her. Thanks for your comment … Be well … Dorothy 🙂

      • Thanks, Dorothy. I am using water color paper but I expect that the I need to find the right intensity of color as it seems too thin or too dense. Either way, I am enjoying it. hugs, pat

  2. With Pat hint I do see a woman too. My woman sits in the yoga pose with the left arm to the side (you only see from the neck down and her left leg crossed). Anyway, thank you, ladies, for sharing your experiences. Can not wait to try it. But sounds like a timely process. How long does it takes from the beginning to the end to achieve results like in this painting?

    • It’s a good question with an appropriate answer … it takes as long as it takes. 😉 Since it’s a wet on dry process the layers need to dry before you can apply the next one. I have been known to hang around the canvas long enough to apply three or four layers, standing back as each dries to see what might be coming to life for me. Other times I will apply one layer and just walk away. Sometimes I’ll get to it on consecutive days, sometimes only once a week. It’s as the spirit moves, really. As with any meditation it’s best not to rush. … Enjoy your process. So glad this has stirred something in you … Be well, Dorothy 🙂

  3. I too see a woman in a yoga position with the appearance of her arms and hands facing up — with the energy circulating within her and around her. I love the idea of this technique …. I have not tried it yet, but would like to. Did you start with the darker colors first or the the lighter ones?

    A video would be great for those who need assistance with visualization and technique … it could be done in steps and you do your stages of painting. Thank you for revisiting for you (and sharing for us) this technique with us again … 😀

    • Hi Becca … Thanks for your comment. Every interpretation is different though I am intrigued that so many of you are seeing a yoga position. I’ll need to spend some time with this painting to see if I can capture your vision. … A video of the process is a distinct possibility. … I will be posting more veil paintings over the next little while. Stay tuned and be well … Dorothy 🙂

  4. Hi Dorothy, like many others who have commented. That was my first impression too. I do see a woman sitting in ‘Padmasana’ poster in Yoga. Additionally I felt that the other colors that you have painted within the body were various thoughts that come by to distract you when you meditate. sometimes when you close your mind and try meditating, you may see distorted shapes and colors in front of you initially. I could be also that.

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